an aspirational aphorism, often posted on the walls of offices to reframe technological work as an ennobling mental exercise that should be done for its own sake, regardless of conditions or impact.

Asphorisms make you feel better about your work without having to do anything.

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This project is an attempt to collaboratively create a spec for a new set of aspirational aphorisms or “asphorisms” to post on the walls of offices full of people using computers.

So far, the most common high-level instructions we give to ourselves while working have been written haphazardly, distributed by fads and memes, and often reflect an unexamined position in the society the authors claim to be helping make into a better place. For example, “Move Fast and Break Things” works well for those with freedom of movement and spare things, but that type of work is not inherently better than work done by confined and impoverished workers.

This project is an attempt to create an open source set of new asphorisms, collaboratively written to reflect a set of ideas we and the people who use our work can live with. The first release will be considered Asphorisms 2.0

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